How the War in Ukraine Affects Citizens Latest Update !!

The Ukrainian crisis is probably the most widely-read reportage in the last year. Due to Russia’s involvement in the country’s affairs , and recently, the protests it’s something that’s will not go away in the near future. There is a report that there was a recent move by the United States and European Union have recently imposed sanctions against Russia with the hopes that they can stop Russia’s incursion into Ukraine.

The Ukrainian crisis is probably the most widely-read news story of the last year. Because of Russia’s involvement in the affairs of the country and recently, the protests it’s an event that is likely to not end in the near future. Recently it was announced that the United States and European Union have imposed sanctions against Russia in the hope that it will stop Russia’s invasion into

Ukraine. The sanctions are intended to be a punishment for Russia for their actions however some people are questioning their efficacy.

The sanctions have created some tensions between United States and Europe, because the Europeans are concerned about the impact the sanctions may impact their economics. It is the United States, on the contrary is more concerned with taking a stance against Russia and is not concerned about the negative effects. Additionally, the sanctions have created some tensions among Russia as well as those in the European Union, as the Europeans are looking for ways to punish Russia without hurting their own economies.

Sanctions have caused a mixed impact to their impact on the Russian economy. While they’ve brought about an economic recession in Russia however, Russia has managed to stand up to the sanctions to date. The sanctions also led to the ruble losing value, making it harder for Russian firms to run. But the sanctions haven’t had any significant effect upon the Russian economy overall.

Sanctions have caused a greater effect on Ukrainian economy. The Ukrainian currency is the hryvnia. It has diminished in value which is why the country has been in an economic recession. The sanctions also have caused the cost of food items and other products to rise and has made it harder for Ukrainians to pay for their necessities.

necessities. The war also has caused a tremendous impact on civilians. More than 5 000 Ukrainians were killed, plus over 1.5 million people have been forced to flee.

The conflict has had devastating effects on the country’s economy. The currency, the hryvnia has lost nearly half of its value since beginning of the war. The rate of inflation is over 60 percent and the economy is in recession.

The war also has caused a devastating impact on people living in civilian homes. More than five thousand Ukrainians have been killed plus over 1.5 million people have been displaced.

A lot of people have been killed up in the conflict and the infrastructure was destroyed. The war also has caused economic damage and has caused that the price of the Hryvnia plunge.

Russia’s War In Ukraine

Since the beginning of 2014, Russia is engaged in a conflict in Ukraine. The conflict has been referred to as various things and includes The War in Eastern Ukraine, the War in Donbass, and the Russo-Ukrainian War.

The conflict began in the beginning of 2014 when separatists backed by Russia from Ukraine’s Donetsk as well as Luhansk regions in eastern Ukraine organized a string of protests , and took over government buildings. The rebels claimed they were fighting for independence of the Ukrainian government. The Ukrainian military was able to respond to the protests by launching a military campaign to take back control of areas occupied by the rebels.

The conflict quickly escalated into the full-scale war. Russia provided the rebels with soldiers and weapons and the Ukrainian military was supported by both the United States and Europe. The conflict has claimed the lives of more than 10,000 people and forced the displacement of more than 1.5 millions of people.

A ceasefire deal was signed in February of 2015, however the fighting continues. In November 2017 both the Ukrainian government and rebels signed a ceasefire accord, which is largely effective in reducing the amount of violence.

Russian forces are engaged in fighting Ukraine since early 2014 after they have taken over Crimea. In the eastern part of Ukraine rebels from Russia are fighting the Ukrainian government since the beginning of April in 2014.

Russian forces have been using a range different weapons throughout Ukraine which include tanks, artillery and air power. They’ve also used ballistic missiles as well as cluster munitions.

The United Nations has accused Russia of violations of the law in Ukraine.

Ukraine Hits Russian Wagner Mercenary Hq In East

The military of Ukraine said that it struck the headquarters of the Russian mercenary organization in the eastern region of the country via the use of an attack plane on Monday. It killed hundreds of combatants.

The attack struck a building that is used for Wagner group members. Wagner Group in Snizhne approximately 50 kilometers (30 miles) away from the Russian border the military stated in an announcement.

“As a result of the strike, the building was completely destroyed and dozens of Wagner fighters were killed,” the statement reads.

Russian officials weren’t immediately available for comments.

The Wagner group is an Russian private company in the military which has been combat in Syria as well as Ukraine.

The military stated that the strike took place as part of an effort to rid the zone of militants.

A spokesperson of the Ukrainian military confirmed that the Russian fighter jet taken down the Ukrainian military aircraft in the eastern part of Donetsk.

The spokesperson for the aircraft said it was an Su-25 ground attack aircraft and that the pilot been ejected and was pursued from the Russian military.

The Russian military has denied any involvement in the crash of the aircraft.

“The Russian air force did not shoot down any Ukrainian planes,” Igor Konashenkov an official of the Russian military issued an official statement.

Five Held by Rebels In Ukraine Appear In Court

KIEV, Ukraine — Five people who were detained by rebels from Russia in the eastern region of Ukraine were arraigned in the Donetsk tribunal on the morning of Monday. The Associated Press reported.

They were identified by four Russian journalists as well as the Ukrainian translator. They were arrested at the end of Sunday evening as they traveled from the city held by rebels Luhansk towards the Russian border.

The rebels claimed that the journalists carried maps of territory held by rebels as well as ammunition. The journalists denied this accusation and claimed they were carrying press cards.

Five of them were ordered be detained in detention for two months.

KIEV, Ukraine — Five people detained from pro-Russian militants within the eastern part of Ukraine were brought before the Kiev judge on Wednesday. They were ordered to remain in detention for two months.

The five, which include one Canadian and one Czech citizen are charged with spying, terrorism, along with other grave crimes.

The tribunal also ordered rebels to surrender the prisoners the Ukrainian authorities.

The rebels have been securing 5 men from the end of May.

The Czech Foreign Ministry said it was working to secure that the citizen is released. Czech citizen.

The Canadian government has said that it is aware of the situation and was offering consular assistance.

Ukraine Condemns Russian ‘nuclear Blackmail’

Ukraine has criticized Russia as a victim of “nuclear blackmail” after the Kremlin declared it was able to turn to turn the Black Sea into a “nuclear sea” should Kiev decided to pull from a major gas agreement.

“This is an unacceptable threat to Ukraine,” the Foreign Ministry in Kiev said in an official statement.

The Russian nuclear sabre-rattling was designed to terrorizing Ukraine into submission . It also it warned against any effort to employ nuclear weapons against Ukraine will be confronted with the “strong and appropriate response”.

It was also reported that the Foreign Ministry also summoned the Russian ambassador to Kiev to provide an explanation.

The Kremlin’s comments came shortly following Ukrainian Premier Yulia Tymoshenko announced her country had signed an agreement in a deal with Russia in order to restart gas deliveries.

In the terms of the terms of agreement Ukraine is expected to pay US$2 billion cash as well as $US1.1 billion in loans to Russia to supply gas.

In exchange, Russia has agreed to restart gas supply to Ukraine at a lower rate of $US230 for every 1,000 cubic metres, a decrease from the earlier rate of $US500.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said the agreement was reached following Russia threatened to convert to turn the Black Sea into a “nuclear sea” in the event that Kiev decided to withdraw from

Ukraine has been adamant about Russian “nuclear blackmail” after the two countries negotiated an end the conflict across the border.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said the agreement was reached following Russia threatened to transform into the Black Sea into a “nuclear sea” in the event that Kiev did not sign an agreement on gas.

“The Russian side has threatened us with a ‘nuclear’ version of the events in the Crimea, and we cannot allow that,” declared Ukrainian Premier Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

“Ukraine is a nuclear-free country and we will not allow anyone to turn our country into a nuclear wasteland.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry has not yet made any comment on the claims.

The Russian Billionaire Daring to Criticise Putin

Mikhail Khodorkovsky, once Russia’s most successful businessman has become its most well-known dissident.

Following his deportation in the year 2013 He has been outspokenly critical of the presidency of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In exile in Switzerland In an interview with the BBC the reasons he believes Putin’s rule is in danger of collapse.

BBC News

Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov has criticised President Vladimir Putin, accusing him of making Russia into an “one-man show”.

An interview was conducted with Financial Times, Mr Prokhorov stated that Russia is “heading in the wrong direction” and that Putin has created an “dictatorship”.

Mr Prokhorov who made his fortune through mining and metals owns the New Jersey Nets basketball team in the US.

He was also a presidential candidate from Russia.

Mr Prokhorov was forced abandon his presidential campaign in 2012 because he was accused of tax avoidance.

He denies the allegations and claims they were political motivated.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Mr Prokhorov stated: “Putin has created a dictatorship. He is a one-man show.”

He also said that Russia had been “heading in the wrong direction” and that the economy of the country was in an “terrible state”.

He also claimed that he supported of the idea of a “strong opposition” to Mr Putin and also that he was planning to establish an entirely new political party that would contest the Russian November parliamentary elections.

‘we Hope Nothing Will Happen’ – Grain Ship Crew

On Ukraine Tensions

Crew members of grain vessel “Ivan Pasichnyk” say they are hopeful that nothing will happen while conflicts among Russia and Ukraine are continuing to grow.

The vessel, located in the waters of Odessa is manned by 27 crew members who are from Romania, Ukraine, the Philippines, Romania, and Ukraine.

The one Of those Filipino Crew members Raul told me that his crew members are trying to remain positive and believe that they will get the most positive outcome.

“We hope nothing will happen. We are just praying for the best,” he added.

Crew members of the grain vessel anchoring close to Mariupol’s port. Mariupol in the eastern part of Ukraine reported to Reuters on Wednesday that they were concerned about the growing conflicts in this region.

“We hope nothing will happen. We are just praying for the best,” he added.

The crew member, who was reluctant to reveal his name said that the vessel was in anchor since the weekend while the state of the area was becoming more difficult.

“There is a lot of shooting and bombing going on,” he added.

Zelenskyy Condemns ‘russia’s Nuclear Terrorism’ In Macron Call

KYIV Kyiv French president Emmanuel Macron and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy talked on the phone on Monday, with Zelenskyy expressing his displeasure with Russia’s nuclear terrorist activities in connection with the crash of an Malaysian airliners in 2014 according to the Presidential Administration said.

“Volodymyr Zelenskyy condemned the flagrant terrorist act committed by of Russia which resulted in the destruction of an Malaysian airliner in 2014. The president emphasized that this crime cannot be redeemed and the international community must find out the truth behind what happened and bring those responsible before the law,” the statement said.

Russia has denied having any part in the destruction of

Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine in 2014, during which all 298 passengers who were on the plane were killed.

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy has criticized the what he termed “Russia’s nuclear terrorism” in an exchange to French the president Emmanuel Macron.

Zelenskyy stated in an announcement on 19 July that he discussed the downing Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 (MH17) over Ukraine in 2014 with Macron.

“I stressed that Russia’s nuclear terrorism in Ukraine must be stopped. This was the main topic of our conversation,” Zelenskyy added.

“The perpetrators of the MH17 tragedy must be brought to justice,” the minister said.

The Boeing 777 airliner was shot down on the 17th of July 2014, as it flew across the eastern region of Ukraine in the direction of Amsterdam towards Kuala Lumpur.

Ukraine along with Western states are blaming Russia for the catastrophe and claimed that Moscow provided pro-Russian separatists of the eastern part of Ukraine with missiles that was used to take down the plane.

Moscow has denied any involvement in the downing of MH17.

With the reporting of AFP and Reuters

Russia-ukraine War: List of Key Events, Day 173

Russia-ukraine War: List of Key Events, Day 173

1. Russian Presidency Vladimir Putin warns Ukraine that it could be facing the possibility of paying a “colossal price” for crossing Russia’s “red line” by attempting to join NATO.

2. Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko directs Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to instruct the Ukrainian Army to get ready for a large-scale military operation to fight Separatists within the eastern region.

3. Separatist leaders from Donetsk as well as Luhansk declare their areas as sovereign countries.

4. Russian forces begin an offensive of major proportions against separatist-held areas in the east with heavy artillery as well as air strike.

5. Separatist militias start a counter-attack Ukrainian army forces in east.

6. Ukrainian forces begin a counter-offensive to separatist-held areas in eastern.

Ukraine News Zelensky

: Ukraine is not a part of Russia

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky has stated that his country isn’t part of Russia in a speech made at the 73rd session the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

“Ukraine is not a part of Russia. Ukraine is a sovereign and independent country,” Zelensky declared on September 25.

Zelensky added the fact that Russia “continues to illegally occupy Crimea and support the separatists in the Donbas.”

“This is a blatant violation of international law and UN resolutions,” Zelensky stated.

Zelensky added Zelensky also said that Ukraine has been “committed to democracy and the rule of law.”

“We are determined to fight corruption and build a modern, European country,” Zelensky declared.

Frequently asked questions

about the ongoing conflict about the conflict Ukraine

1. What exactly is the war in Ukraine over?

The current conflict in Ukraine is mainly about the territorial integrity of the country and its sovereignty. Ukraine is divided since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, with a significant Russian-speaking minority in the southern and eastern regions part of Ukraine. Since 2014, Russian-backed forces took the control of Crimea and launched an offensive in the regions in the eastern region that include Donetsk as well as Luhansk. It is believed that the Ukrainian Government and the allies of the West claim Russia of aiding the separatists by providing them with weapons and troops and weapons, a claim that Moscow has repeatedly denied. More than 10,000 people have been killed during the war.

2. What is the main player for what in the war?

The war in Ukraine is fought between those who are part of the Ukrainian administration and allies as well as the Russian-backed separatists of Donetsk as well as Luhansk. Russian forces are also involved in the conflict but Moscow has not denied any assistance to separatists in the military.

3. Who is to blame for the conflict?

The current conflict in Ukraine is the direct consequence of divisions which have existed in Ukraine since the fall of Soviet Union. The Russian-backed separatists from Donetsk as well as Luhansk are the ones responsible for the violence

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