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Welcoming you to live blog for the 5th of May 2022. Anthony Albanese has been unable to define the six elements to Labor’s NDIS plan. Another 31 people have passed away across Victoria and NSW in the last 24 hours both states have more than 30,000 brand COVID-19 cases that have been added to the system.

The latest figures show that 3012 Victorians have passed away since the start of the epidemic. It is believed that the Solomon Islands Prime Minister has issued a scathing attack on countries that are not happy with its deal with China in which the Pacific nation is “threatened with invasion”. A child from Queensland remains in critical health this morning after being stranded on a train for seven hours under the scorching temperatures.

 Albanese blanks on six-point plans for NDIS
 Deaths from COVID-19 and infected people surge throughout NSW as well as Victoria
 Solomon Islands Prime Minister launches an angry defense of China Pact critics
 Young girl struggling to live after being stranded on a bus in scorching heat
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Today’s headlines:
The family of the Queensland three-year-old girl Nevaeh Austin who was trapped in a hot bus near her child care centre for over 6 hours have spoken of their pain as their toddler struggles for her life at the ward of a Brisbane hospital.
Anthony Albanese blanked on Labor’s six-point strategy to implement the NDIS. He attempted to answer the question by implication and short time later was handed the plan from an advisor.
additional 31 people have been diagnosed with COVID-19 Victoria and NSW over the course of a single night while both states clock more than 30,000 cases.
And the prime minister Scott Morrison has defended Australia’s relations with the Solomon Islands despite the Pacific nation’s leader blasting those who criticize its security arrangement with China.
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The Victorian father is fighting the fight for his children’s safety unit after receiving an order to leave the country the next Wednesday.
Gagandeep Singh, an Indian citizen, has lived in Australia for 14 years, after being admitted to Australia with a student visa in 2009.
He is married to an Australian wife, Phoebe, who he was married in 2015, as well as Jarro, a 3-year-old son. Jarro.

A plant-based coronavirus vaccination in an indigenous Australian plant closely linked to tobacco has been proving promising against the virusthat has claimed the lives of more than six million lives around the world.
The vaccine, which is known as CoVLP+AS03 and formulated by Medicago it is approved in Canada for individuals between the ages of 18 and 64 years old. age.So how is it working?

A press conference held in Western Australia for Premier Mark McGowan and Education Minister Sue Ellery to launch the Premier’s Reading Challenge has come to an end after a child fell unconscious.
Ms Ellery said “Oh gosh” just after an ominous thud could be heard by the camera behind.
The girl is believed to be healthy right now as well as the news conference is now back in motion.
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