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Nationals leader says that Pauline Hanson’s party from 10 or fifteen years ago’ was not the current party and is less likely to damage my country as othersBarnaby Joyce believes that Pauline Hanson’s One Nation has changed, and defending his decision to grant his preference for the party’s candidate from New England, Richard Thomas.

“The party of 10, 15 years ago is not the party of today,” said the politician at an event for New England candidate forum on Monday evening.
“Things change. Mollify.”
It is not known much little is known about Thomas, whom the deputy prime minister has placed in the second spot on his voter’s card. Thomas isn’t listed on One Nation’s website for the candidate.
Joyce who is in the seat with an 17% margin Joyce, who is the incumbent, stated: “We can’t be everything for everyone.
“We must be accountable for the nation and make choices that can be, at times hard and be ready to lose political supportand losing votes because of taking decisions that are difficult as you’re accountable for the entire nation.

“If I see … those decisions about a party’s platform are less likely to cause damage to my nation, then they are further up [the preferences].”
Laura Hughes, the Labor candidate Laura Hughes, has preferenced Thomas over Thomas.
Joyce was hesitant to reveal if the two of them had spoken. Thomas.
In response to a question about why he was using One Nation, Joyce stated “I do not follow what is generally the current zeitgeist. I don’t follow the Greens in the past.
“I’m making sure that I look at all the possible platforms and how that works.”
Joyce is joined at the event by Hughes and Hughes, UAP’s Cindy Anne Duncan, independents Natasha Ledger and Matt Sharpham as well as Matt Sharpham, the Greens candidates, Carol Sparks. Carol Sparks, the Liberal Democrats candidate, Pavlo Samios, offered his apology as Thomas didn’t respond to the invitation, and did not supply a photo for the material.
The most applauded round of the evening went to Ledger who was a former Uralla councillor for the shire and an independent, who was greeted with cheers as he demanded an independent federal corruption commission, an idea that was backed by all candidates , with the exception of Joyce.
Joyce rejected the necessity of a body similar to similar to The NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption.

“I want to make sure the Australian people know that Canberra is not the sort of cesspit of corruption some people make it out to be,” he declared to laughter from the crowd. “We do have legislation that is tailored to deal with this issue.”
Joyce’s opening remarks was focused on his experiences in Canberra and, throughout the evening Joyce focused on the resource industry and dam projects..
He received a few applauses but was eclipsed by the reception to Tamworth residents Sharpham as well as Hughes.

Hughes as a teacher used the public programs pushed through Labor: Medicare, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and the NBN. She concentrated on training and education for students living in the bush.
Hughes was in the negative about Hughes was critical of the Dungowan Dam project Hughes was not adamant, however, he did not declare whether Labor would block the project in government.

“So we’re going to look at the Dungowan dam,” Hughes explained. “And what’s the cost? Who will pay for it? Who’s going profit from it? Will there be ongoing and continuing costs we’ll have to pay? Who owns the water – who is the owner of the water? These questions haven’t been addressed yet.”

Sparks became famous through the devastating black summer bushfires that ravaged her home in 2019. Sparks promoted free education right up to the university level, which would be funded by increasing taxes on billionaires as well as large corporations. She also emphasized the need for reducing emissions to reduce global warming.

“If we keep it at 1.5 degrees, we might survive this,” she declared.
Joyce was gone before the time of the event with no closing remarks in exchange for Joyce left before the end of the evening, for a “prior engagement” – attending Paul Murray’s Live Pub Test on Sky News at the Family Hotel across town.
Guardian Australia has put questions to Thomas through One Nation’s spokesperson for the media.
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